Sunday, February 11, 2007

Restful Sunday

Last night Hubby and I went out for our fondue dinner alone.

It was really nice!  We had a four cheese fondue to start that you dip in bread and apples.  It was yummy, the cheeses were asiago, provolone, gruyere, and marscapone.  It had a white wine base and a little garlic, worcestshire, red pepper and pesto.  Mmmmmmmm

Then, after a salad we did the bourgoinione style of cooking in oil.  We had 2 batters to use, a sesame batter and a plain one.  The meats were filet mignon cubes, marinated teriyaki steak, chicken cubes, and shrimp.  Also there were raviolis to cook and potato wedges, yellow squash and other veggies that we don't eat!  lol  They give you about 9 different dipping sauces for it all, too. 

Dessert was the dark chocalate smores fondue!  Dark chocalate melted and mixed with graham cracker crumbs and flambeed brandy.  The dippings were strawberries, pineapple cubes, banana slices, brownie cubes, marshmallows, pound cake cubes and a small slice of cheesecake that you can use a spoon to drizzle the fondue over.

It was heaven on earth!!! 

But, the best part was sitting in the little romantic 2 person private booth, and being able to giggle and laugh and talk without any interruptions for whole meal! 

Romantic and sweet!

Today, Hubby took Fuzzy and Pumpkin to the batting cages for a bit after breakfast.  Fuzzy is turning his eyes toward the baseball season now.

Pumpkin and I played some Boggle together!  It was a lot of fun and is such a great way to build vocabulary and spelling skills without even realizing it!  Fuzzy joined us for a couple of games near the end.

Hubby is in the basement finishing up some framing details.  Soon it will be sheetrock time. 

Honestly, I don't know when though!  Every weekend for the rest of this month and all of next is just jammed full of things going on for the kids and family!  Some weekends, like next weekend, there are three or four things that need to be juggled!  It will be a bit nuts!

Thank goodness for coffee!

I have so many great Valentine's graphics I am trying to use two an entry to fit them in!

I hope you enjoy!

be well,




jckfrstross said...

glad you had a good time at dinner:) enjoy your week


klconard1 said...

What a lovely dinner it must have been dear!  It's a treat to read about it!
loving you

sunnyside46 said...

making me hungry.

pharmolo said...

Sounded like a great dinner, Dawn. Nice chatting to you in the chatroom tonight :-)

tendernoggle said...

glad you got to go out for a bit! I bet that was fun, doing the fondue!lol
love ya,

luddie343 said...

An embarrassment of riches for Valentine's, eh?  Sounds like a wonderful day - loved our chat tonight.  xoxo CATHY

cacklinrosie101 said...

There is a fondue place in Pittsburgh that just opened called the Melting Pot.  I would love to get there one day.  Sounds so much like where you went.  Sounds so romantic, Dawn!  I also thank the good Lord for coffee.  I can't function until I have at least two cups in the morning.  Love your Valentine's tags!  HUGS Chris

sugarsweet056 said...

WOW, sounds perfect!
Have a great week.

tenyearnap said...

A romantic dinner...just the two of you. I can't remember the last time I had one of those. And I have never eaten fondue either and you make it sound so good that I'll have to go melt some cheese one of these days.--Cin

toonguykc said...

Fuzzy is not alone in wanting baseball season to start soon!  I want it to be warm and I don't even care if it means having to watch my KC Royals lose 90% of their games!


PS -- I've just now added you to my alerts.  Sorry I didn't do it sooner.

helmswondermom said...

Umm...excuse me a moment while I whipe the drool off my chin...ummm.........chocolate.............!

randlprysock said...

I am so wanting to go to the fondue place.  Please tell us the name of it.  Is it "The Melting Pot?"  I'm wondering if they have one up here in KY.  Sounds so very delicious!  The husband is in the basement finishing the framing?!!  What a good man!!  Go hubby!!  I can't wait to see pics when it is all done! Hugs,

rebuketheworld said...

I never heard of Boggle game before? I am notorious for even failing with a spell check program. I would loose big time in that game. Sounds like you had a good day here. I love hearing about your romantic hang outs with your hubby. Such sweet news. You are so deserving of all that good lovin coming your way. ~Raven