Monday, February 26, 2007

Everyone needs laughter

Everyone needs a good laugh.  It has been documented in studies to lower your blood pressure, help you heal faster from injury, cope with pain better, and raise your serotonin levels which eases anxiety and makes you generally, happier.

So, here is a journal to help everyone's life be better with a few laughs.

Bill, the Wildcat, has the journal The Wildcat's Lair  up and running again in full swing.  

There you can read about Bill and his wife's adventures in writing, and read book and movie reviews.

But, that isn't the funny stuff.

Bill has a mascot, Frank.  Frank is a black cat with blue stripes and a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor.  Bill has added some new characters of late, including Hip, who is a hippo-dragon. 

Tomorrow, Frank's catnip loving rainbow-striped Uncle Kerouac is coming to visit!  I can tell already, it is going to be a blast!

So please, do yourself a favor, go visit The Wildcat's Lair and do your body, mind, and soul some good with laughter!!!

be well,



rdautumnsage said...

I went to visit, thank you for the link. It was wonderfully hilarious. (Hugs) Indigo

randlprysock said...

Thanks for the link.