Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Kids Names and TGIF

Thank you, Chris for this adorable graphic!

Since it came up in recent comments, I thought I would once again do an entry explaining the names of my kids as you see them here in my journal.

As a safety precaution, I only use nicknames for the kids here online.

My Hubby has a penchant for calling everyone by a nickname, whether they know it or not, or like it or not! 

It began in his youth, and he grew up with a crew of names you just wouldn't believe.  To give you a sample, of just a few, there was Big Pie, Little Pie, Cupcake, Pivot, Sidewinder, Pugsly, Frozz, and yes, there are even more.  Some lucky people had more than one!

But, I digress, back to the kids...

Hammer is actually short for Hammerhead for my eldest son.

As a baby when he was really hungry he used to thrash his head about like a shark as you tried to get the bottle in his mouth!  Then, as a toddler, he totally fell in love with the hammerhead shark after seeing one at Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut. 

Fuzzy for my middle son, is from the rhyme 'Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear', which I am sure you all know and love.  Middle son has been wearing his head shaved in a crew cut since first grade, and the name has just stuck.

Fuzzy has another nickname that Hubby uses just as frequently, which is 'Frigerator'or 'The Fridge'.  Yes, because he is built like one, much like Hubby!   And, also 'Devil Child' because he loves the NJ Devils and has always been the devilish one, behavior wise.  My little smart alec and prankster. 

Last, but certainly not least, would be our baby, and only girl.  She actually does have a few nicknames that use her name that I cannot share, but Hubby started to call her 'his little Pumpkin Muffin' after he found this really yummy sweet pumpkin muffin at Au Bon Pain in NYC! 

In the journal I have shortened it to Pumpkin, which can also be confusing because we have an all black cat named Pumpkin that we got in October of '95.  lol

Pumpkin also gets called 'The Warrior Princess', like Zena, but imagine with more of a flair, and 'Grandma mini-me' because she is just like my mom.  Scarily so, on occasion!  Another nickname is Brunhilda because she is a Teutonic Warrior Princess, of course.

Have you gotten the idea that she is a tough little girl?  I guess you have by now...  Following two brothers, she was NOT to be outdone, physically, mentally, emotionally, or verbally, and never has been!

So, that is nickname thing for the kids!

Do I have a nickname from Hubby?  Yes, the usual, 'hon' or 'babe' that most wives get, but I have two silly nicknames also.

The first is from the Rugrat years, when our tv was perpetually on Nickolodeon and the Rugrats seemed to be always on the tube!  It is Mommy-Reptar, and he still occasionally will call me that.

The other is from another tv show, this time Cartoon Network, 'Ed, Edd, and Eddy' and Hubby will regularly call me Ed or Eddy depending on his mood!  Ed, when he is more reflective and quiet, and a resounding EDDY at the top of lungs when really happy or trying to annoy me.  Which is a lot. @@

I hope that cleared things up for those of you who asked!

be well,



rdautumnsage said...

Thank you, thank you........I always wanted to ask , for some idiotic reason I was given to think they were the actual names of your children. I sat here and wondered why a reasonably intelligent woman would actually name her children these names. Yep, you got it I'm an idiot. I agree with talking about them by their nicknames though. You can never tell with the world these days. (Hugs) Your a great mom, Mommy-Reptar. Indigo

jckfrstross said...

all great nicknames :) have a great friday


thebaabee said...

I always knew the reasoning behind the nicknames here on the web.  Now, I know the meaning behind the names.

My hubby calls me (as my screen name says) TheBaaBee.  It started out usual enough.  Baby~  Or My Baby ~  and grew into my current nickname.    He also calls me his Honey Bunny.  That stems from an obsession I have with Chocolate Easter Bunnies and Beatrix Potter.  On my 45th birthday I added the Beatrix Potter bunny permanently to my butt.  I have a tattoo (it's tiny) on my upper butt cheek.  Right now if you would ask me which cheek I would have to go look in the mirror.  I actually forget.

Hugs, Lu

sunnyside46 said...

my husband calls everybody Sparky!

tenyearnap said...

My family loves Mystic Aquarium, too! Your nicknames are great.

Nicknames for my kid include Spooky, Boom Boom, and Bug Boy.

coelha said...

Besides "Coelha", my dad used to call me: "Poopsie"--I'm unclear why.   My mom used to call me "Moon Face"--because I always had a round face..  I'm glad you've picked better nicknames for your children!!  Julie, AKA "Poopsie".

klconard1 said...

I enjoyed reading the nickname backstories dear!
loving you

dcmeyer420 said...

Thanks for clarifying the nicknames. I also cloak my kids' names online because you never know who is out there reading.
My kids' nickname rhymes with their names. My older one's is "Smelly Shelly" and younger one's is "Pillow Snake."
Hugs to you and your family.

h0llyk911 said...

I am really glad you posted this!  I was a little confused about Pumpkin!  :)  
Have a GREAT weekend!

lurkynat said...

very cute Dawn! thanks for expalining! Oh by the way, Sunnyside is back and Gem has a new blog too! have you been? I lvoe your kdis nicknames!

toonguykc said...

Sounds like a very happy and loving household!!


mrsm711 said...

Thanks for explaining Ed.  Now I will know for sure whos who.  :)     Tracy

donejustwrite said...

I'm always trying to come up with clever names for my family in my journal...  I'm going to have to work on this!


cacklinrosie101 said...

Aw, Dawn, that is so neat how you came up with the nicknames.  I don't blame you one bit for not mentioning their given names.  I do but my babies are grown so I'm not too worried about it.  Megan's nickname is Baby.  Joey and Becky call her Pork or Chubs even though she isn't chubby.  We used to call Becky Mouth because she had a sassy mouth on her.  That has faded.  Joey just gets JoJo from his sisters.  Cute entry!  HUGS  Chris