Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sleepover Survival!

Sleepover mission accomplished!

What a day yesterday!

Hubby and I ran around to get all the necessary goodies for the party.

Birthday plates and napkins, party favors, Ghostbusters movie rental, 3 bags of snacks, 2 kinds of cupcakes, and candles.

Picked up the party gals and Fuzzy and headed to the bowling alley.  Bought them, soda, juice and french fries as an after school snack while bowling.  The french fries are to die for at the bowling alley, trust me.

Hubby and I watched the 2 games of bowling amid screams, screetches, hugging and singing, as ten year old girls are wont to do.

Pumpkin was having a blast.  Hubby and I tried to pretend we didn't have headaches.

Cruised home to pick up Hammer and went to dinner at 5:30 pm.

Lots more squealing, singing and laughing... cackling really, but cute and fun.  Ate good food and headed back to the house!

Then it was time to open the gifts and cupcakes, candles and singing.  After the cupcakes were devoured, the girls all got into their jammies and went to watch Ghostbusters.  Hammer watched with them, but Fuzzy decided he had enough girl time.  lol

At 10pm it was teeth brushing time and they headed up to Pumpkin's room.  Hubby, the boys and I decided to watch Numb3rs and tried to ignore the banging and giggling. 

At 11:15pm the boys went up to bed and we told the girls to quiet down to a dull roar, they could talk, but should shut out the lights and stop the loud shenanigans.

I read journals at the computer for a while, and listened for them to settle down.  Hubby passed out on the couch in the family room.

At midnight, it seemed quiet.  I was soooo tired and started to clean up the kitchen and shut down the computer like I do each night.

Next thing I knew, 2 of Pumpkin's pals where giggling on their way to the bathroom.  Oh well.  I told them to be sure not to wake the others and go to sleep, but they didn't listen and woke up the other two, and the giggling started all over again.  I shushed them about three times before FINALLY at about 1pm... there was silence. 


I was sound asleep in minutes, which is very unusual for me!

This morning my mom dealt with the crazy crew since they got up at 7am!  Thank goodness for my mom and the fact that she can't sleep in the morning!!

Hubby then gave the girls their party favors and helped them out the door to their parents at 10:30 am.  I slept in!!!

I needed it!  I got up at around 1:30 pm. 

The favors were cute little pocketbooks each in a different color and different sayings - Princess, Diva, Superstar and Drama Queen.  Of course, Pumpkin got purple and it said Princess.  Inside were soda bottle lip balms, and travel trivia cards.

Pumpkin just told me that everyone was happy with the favors!  Yay!

Tonight is fast food for the kids and dinner out for Hubby and I at the fondue restaurant!  Yum!  Adult time... I can't wait!

be well,

ps... UPDATE - Please note, Pumpkin's age has been changed to '10' in the All About Me section, thank you!


sugarsweet056 said...

Sounds like such fun!!!! Woo Hoo! Made me wish I was at a sleepover! LOL
Hugs, Sugar

randlprysock said...

You sound like you are having a wonderfully fun weekend!!  What a lovely sleepover for your darling.  You are a good and giving mother!!  That is what it's all about, making the happy memories!!  Hope you have a wonderful time at the fondue restaurant.  I wish we were going out to dinner too but it's been all work, work, unpack, unpack, paint, paint and lift, lift on this end.  Soon it will all be settled.  In a few weeks we'll have a "home."  Almost there I keep telling self.  You have a wonderful weekend!

klconard1 said...

Oh this brings back so many memories dear!  My youngest is now 29 and we had so many of those sleepover nights where we continually shushed them after 1 AM lol.  Didn't do too much good lol.  They giggled and wore themselves out and slept most of the next day to recover.
They were good times.
Thanks for visiting my journal and keeping me encouraged, Dawn!
loving you

jckfrstross said...

glad the party and sleepover was a huge success:) enjoy the rest of the weekend


cacklinrosie101 said...

Bless you, there; done that.  Nothing like the sound of girls giggling, and they never seem to outgrow it.  The party favors sound soooo cute.  That was my girls' favorite thing to do...make the favors.  Now, get some rest.  HUGS Chris

tenyearnap said...

Sounds like a great time. Ghostbusters is a wonderful party movie and I like those party favors. You are very creative.
Enjoy your adult time,

nana0014 said...

Good job!! Now enjoy that couple time. You guys deserve it.
Take care, Chrissie

rdautumnsage said...

LOL!! Thanks for bringing back the memories. Your a wonderful mother and creative as well. Loved the idea about the treat bags. Where were you 8 years ago? (hugs) Indigo

erarein63 said...

That is so kewl that Pumpkin had such a great 10th birthday!  I let Hannah have a sleepover not once, but twice!  I think I will limit the number down to 3 the next time she wants to do this.  De ;)

ksgal3133 said...

aww sounds like a fun time! lol @ all of the giggling.


sunnyside46 said...

my house carries the echoes of ten year old giggles fromthe past. I could hear them again in your story.

helmswondermom said...

Ah! A houseful of little girls -- how fun!!

psychfun said...

11:15pm? You have to be kidding? OMG! Geez women in the the '70s we were up until 2am! Heck many times I was myself just reading in bed with my flashlight! HA! And sugar that will keep them up longer! HA!

rebuketheworld said...

Happy Birthday to PUMPKIN!!!!!!!! Happy 10!!!!!!!!! What a fun party she had. I love to bowl. I automatically go into this giddy, crazy girl whose laugh will run the place out empty,lol. Its scary. I am sooooooo bad at it that I crack myself up. Falling, breaking nails, wondering why that darn gutter moves all the time,lol....

1AM? Wow, that was a late party. I wish my parents would have let me had those when I was a kid. I think I had one slumber party my whole life. Glad you slept well and slept those too..~Raven