Monday, May 14, 2007

Brass in Pocket ('Cause I'm SPECIAL, so special...)

Because I am special.  Yup.  The neurosurgeon, the BRAIN guy, said that my tumor thingy is so rare that the last time he saw one was at least 10 years ago! 

It is in the skull base/brain stem area and infiltrating bone. 

He does not do that.  Very, very few surgeons do that at all.  There are 'centers' that specialize in this.  It is no 'simple' think apparently. 

I saw those centers online... didn't realize I fell into this 'special' group.

My freakin' luck! @@

However, he did say that unlike the other docs, he isn't sure that the tumor is NOT causing some symptoms.  So, that was interesting.  Not sure if that is good or bad, just filing that info for now.

So, he (the brain surgeon, who won't 'go there' as he put it) is referring me to a specialist at Columbia Prebyterian... yes, you got it, back into NYC.   Or I could go to Harvard or Johns Hopkins?  lol

Ya just gotta laugh. 

So, why ELSE am I 'special' do you ask?  Why would I check off my mood as ecstatic?

My mom invited me to meet her on her business trip in Atlantic City for the rest of the week!  Yay!  I am sooooo excited.   Yummy food, gambling... it will be really nice just to get my mind OFF of everything!  

This was a perfect Mother's Day gift from a PERFECT mom!

Friday when she drives north to come home, we will meet Hubby at a rest stop and I will join him and kids to go further south to Wildwood for the Beach Jam!!!  Yay! 

From now until next Monday, I refuse to think about anything relating to my brain thingy or anything!!!  Yay!

Now, indulge me while I leave little messages for my kids who are happy to see me do something special like this, but will miss me, and will miss me attending some things.


You really do!  I know you will do great at your concert, and you will sing like an angel!  Daddy will take lots of pictures!   Just remind him to not put his huge fingers over the lenses. :-D


I know that you will do great at your baseball game!  Just relax in the batting box, remember the 'right' feeling, and you will get a hit!  I already know that you will catch and play 3rd fabulous!  My little A-Rod/Munson!


Enjoy your morning hot chocolate, and know that I am sending you love and hugs!  Enjoy Scouts, the concert and the baseball game!  I know you will do great with your school work, you always do! 

Alright now kids, be good for Grandpa and Daddy!  Pumpkin - remember, as the woman of the house you need to be a good example!  Make the boys (daddy, fuzzy and hammer) clean up after themselves!  (grandpa can only do so much!)  lol

And my dearest Hubby....

Thank you for helping to make this special treat in Atlantic City possible for me.  The graphic above is to remind you of your treat when I get back home!  

I may not look like that anymore, but you always make me feel like I do!!!

be well,

ps... There is a Starbucks in the hotel!  Yippee!!!



toonguykc said...

Have an awesome time in A.C.!!  You deserve it!


tendernoggle said...


cherry2sweet2eat said...

i dont like the sound of rare cuz they might not be able to really deal with it. but i hope you get someone who knows what they are doing.

sugarsweet056 said...

glad you had a nice moms day! {{ }}
i know what you mean about being "special". i am too...grrrr. TN is rare anyway but i fall into the TN area they can't comtrol, making me special. no fun being special huh?
hope they can get you to the right dr & get your problem solved asp. got you in my prayers.
hugz, sugar

astoriasand said...

Have a fantastic time.I am sorry it was not so good news about the tumour,You can win through this.With alll our prayers.Take care God Bless Kath

lindaggeorge said...

Have a wonderful time, you deserve it and don't worry about back home, they can cope. All will be well.

Linda x.

coelha said...

Atlantic City sounds like a perfect getaway!!!  Have fun special one!  Julie :)  

eml625 said...

Can I come too !!!???? Pleeease? I'll be good. You wont even know I'm there!!!
Seriously, have a great time. Do like you said and think of nothing but being away and relaxing. Sounds like things at home will be just fine.
Big hugs,

erarein63 said...

Oh Dawn, you certainly do deserve you get-a-way.  Have fun for me too, will ya?  De ;)

libragem007 said...

Have fun Dawn...will be thinking of you.
Take care,
Gem :-)

ksgal3133 said...

I'm glad that your getting away...what a wonderful present from your mom! Have a great time and wooo on the starbucks :)

Hugs and prayers,

hsauls said...

OMG... I was only slightly excited until you mentioned there being a starbucks in the hotel.... that, in my opinion, makes for the MOST PERFECT hotel! Michael sleeps in a bit, I get up at the buttcrack of dawn... I like to slip down, grab a paper and a latte and just welcome the sun while he quietly grabs more zzzz....
Sounds like a great break for you... godspeed and good luck!

nightmaremom said...

Good for you... I'm thrilled you are getting away... enjoy

ukgal36 said...

love your graphics and Chrissy Hynde..she is HOT! and yes your special...

rdautumnsage said...

A well deserved vacation hon!! Enjoy yourself and we'll want to hear all about it when you get home. I think it was sweet of you to leave little comments here for the kids and hubby! (Hugs) Indigo

candlejmr said...

You will not be far from me when you are in Atlantic City.  I hope you have GREAT weather and a wonderful time!!


sangrialel said...

I hope you have a great time!!!  You deserve it.  Linda

tenyearnap said...

Damn...the doc should have said that the only place to get the tumor done is located next to a gorgeous beach on a tropical island and that you MUST recuperate there for at least a month. And some island stud must rub healing lotion on you 3x a day.

You are very special. Sounds scary though. I'm glad you are going to AC to get your mind off this for awhile.

pharmolo said...

As long as something CAN be done about it, somewhere Dawn. Enjoy your trip!

klconard1 said...

Wow the trip sounds like a real treat!  And if you must be that special, dear, then going where they only treat the special ones is the best solution.  You want somebody with experience in your specialness.
Hope you have a fab time with your mom!
loving you

ceilisundancer said...

Now I'm singing to The Pretenders.  Well, in some ways, you really ARE special!  Enjoy your time in Atlantic City.  Of course, also good wishes for your tumour to be gone correctly and all that jazz.   I know more about Johns Hopkins, but I"m sure all those places are excellent.  -- Robin

cacklinrosie101 said...

Dawn, have a wondeful time and don't have a care in the world.  You are special!  Whoo hoo for you wonderful mother.  Kick up your heels.  Big HUGS  Chris

lurkynat said...

Woah Dawn! I am sooooo jealous!
Yippee! I'm so glad that you get to go there for a week and go to the beach also! lucky stiff! Luckylucky!

sunnyside46 said...

enjoy...all will "be well"

deshelestraci said...

I am late to this party, but I am here now!  I am so sorry that you are one of the "special" ones!  It makes this all the more frustrating I'm sure.
Have a great time with your mom.  That sounds like a great time for sure.  Any hotel with a Starbucks in it has to be good fun!

plittle said...

  That song (Brass in Pocket) falls into the odd category of one I both like and hate at the same time. And I'm not entirely sure why.

helmswondermom said...

I hope you had a great day with your mom!  You ARE very special, but I hate that you're special-ness includes a rare tumor thingy.  I love the special messages you left for your kids and for your hubby (woo hoo! that ought to knock his socks off!)  Take care!

swibirun said...

Great, now you've got me singing the guitar line to Brass in Pocket in my head now.....thanks a lot;)

Wow, don't you love visits like that to the doctor.  When I had a suspicious halo neuvos mole removed two years ago, the doctor saw it and asked "Wow, can I bring the resident physician in?  He is on his dermatological rotation and I would love for him to see this."

Very comforting words...thanks doc!

Hope you are ok!

Have a great weekend!

iamtish0726 said...

My Journal is now public again.  That means that all the comments that I had posted are no longer published.  I talked to Mister's parents and sister and they said not to worry about him.  That I could write about anything that I felt.  Which is cool because I missed being public.  Check me out when you get a chance.  Send people on over. Hugs & Love Tish

wfhbear said...

I hope you do well in Atlantic City. You should have fun. Libby and I have you on our prayer list and think of you each evening. I know that all will eventually work out to your benefit. Regards, Bill.

mrsm711 said...

I am a bit behind in my journaling.  Thought I would see how you are doing and this is the first I heard about your tumor.  You have a great attitude about everything and that is half the battle.  Keep on Keepin on.  Prayers are with you!