Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Coffee time = All the time!

Today is Thursday, so a break from my song titled journal entries, for the Thankful Thursday title.

Please, visit Gretchen at Living in Savannah 2 , I know she is still having a tough time.

Moving to my Thankful Things!

1.     Coffee.  Yup.  Top of the list.  I guess that gives you some idea about how I am feeling today!  LOL

2.     Family.  Maybe I just need to view them as the lifeboats... Thank goodness for the kids, they really do keep my mind off stuff!  Either because we are busy with them or they are driving me crazy in some other way!  LOL

3.     Fuzzy's Baseball.  For 2 1/2 hours last night, I forgot all about my 'stuff' and yelled and cheered and really enjoyed watching Fuzzy and all his team mates have a wonderful game!  They won 23-7.  Yeah... scary good.  And, against a team that in the past kicked our butts repeatedly. 

4.     Frank returns!  Yay!  Everyone needs comic relief, right?  So, go visit, Bill, the Wildcat over at The Wildcat's Lair , where he and his cartoon feline Frank will totally entertain you!  

Put his journal on alert, because you won't want to miss the upcoming season of comics!!  I know that I need the laughter in my life, so I will totally be there!

5.      Paul.  I consider Paul a true J-Land friend.  We don't always agree, but Paul  always makes me think and remember to try to re-examine things from a different angle.  Paul also was the founder of CarnivAOL, which is really for each individual journal writer.  For us to show off, and get a wider audience. 

Please go visit Paul's journal, Aurora Walking Vacation , and read his latest entry about CarnivAOL.  Then, stay and read some more.  He rocks. There are many great debates that rage in his comments sections.  


So, that is it from me for now!  Hope you are having a great day! 

I may be back with a meme later!  

be well,

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randlprysock said...

These are great!!!  I love thankfuls.  I need some serious journal time so I can do more thankful entries.  Maybe I should skip housework and Avon and veterans and just do journaling today??????!!!  Hugs,
Lisa : )

dizarra said...

LOVE your list! Thanks for the info-always looking for new and different in journal's, and the ones on the list looking interesting, some I know, some not,
I'm going to mosey on over to Paul's right now.~Diane~

coelha said...

Please have another cup of coffee for me Dawn.  I am leaving early from work to attend a graduation, and before that I need to take my mom shopping..  I need a diet Pepsi..  I'm getting tierd just thinking about it!  Julie :)  

eml625 said...

Hey girl ! Hope your enjoying your day !

tenyearnap said...

Those kids do keep you busy! Good thing. I hope it keeps your mind focussed on fun instead of...other stuff.
Looking forward to more Wildcat and more of your memes. --Cin

deshelestraci said...

I love your Thankfuls as usual!  I'll try to do mine tonight.

hadonfield78 said...

Sounds like your doing good.

gazker said...

Coffee, coffee, coffee, I love it! I must am the only Brit that hates Tea, well, black tea anyways.
Gaz xxxx

cacklinrosie101 said...

I love your thankful Thursdays, Dawn!  I would have to put your #1 on my list as #1 also.  I'm a bear without it in the morning.  WTG to Fuzzy's baseball team.  They are really doing well!  Hugs Chris

libragem007 said...

I'm out of town, using a relative's just stopping by to say hello and I'm thankful for journals like yours!
Have a wonderful weekend~
Gem :-)

klconard1 said...

(((((((((hugs)))))))))))  as you see  I am late with my reading.
loving you