Sunday, May 6, 2007

Tossin' and Turnin'

I tried to go to sleep a while ago, and I couldn't.

I decided to come out here to the computer, after about a half hour of 'tossin' and turnin'.

That's when the stupid hit. 

They were calling me.  Staring at me.

The open bag of Tostitos Chips. 

(Okay, not open, but previously opened and only secured with a clip.)

1/3 of a bag left... and yet... they called so loud. 

'You know you want some of us... go ahead... just a few...'

'Get the salsa... it's just in the pantry', they nudged. 

That was all the coercion I needed.

I am so weak.

The empty bag is in the garbage, so it can't mock me, and the 1/2 jar of salsa in the fridge.

I think I can hear it's muffled 'Bwahahaha!' of triumph through the door.

Ugh.  Whenever I do sleep, I am so going to have heartburn. 

Catch you tomorrow, with the complete weekend update!

be well,


hoodudette24 said...

very funny, i'm just getting started on this blog thing and trying to figure everything out!

lindaggeorge said...

It's not just me that hears food talking then? Even worse, I can hear bottles of wine and yesterday, a pack of cigarettes, even though I gave up at New Year. I find it odd I can be sooo stubborn and yet sooooo weak!

Linda x.

psychfun said...

Hey if you want to help me grade that is ok with me....don't waste those awake hours! HA! We have finals week starting tomorrow (today!)

ksgal3133 said...

lol chocolate likes to call my name!
Have a great Monday :)


eml625 said...

Nice little midnight snack ! Or 2:00 AM snack in your case!

deshelestraci said...

Oh dear.  And once you mentioned Tostitos I realized that there are chips but no salsa in the house!!!!  Now that is a problem!

rdautumnsage said...

My fav. is the Lime chips, with picante salsa, and guacomole! For some reason when I eat the chips with the guacamole I don't get heartburn. But then again not everyone likes it LOL!! (Hugs) Indigo

klconard1 said...

Rats --- not a tostito in the house here lol!
loving you

tenyearnap said...

I hope you didn't have heartburn! Hey, I think salsa and chips are GOOD for you. There's vegetables involved here.
;-) Cin

helmswondermom said...

Shame, shame, shame!! lol  
I've heard that call before, and it is not easy to resist.

coelha said...

I couldn't go to sleep either last night; but I was too lazy to go downstairs to the computer; so I just lay there trying to go to sleep between my husband's snores, and my youngest kicking me in the head, it was a sleepless night!  (YAWN)  Where is the coffee?  Must get coffee!  Julie ;)  Don't feel bad---you could have been drinking vodka or tubs of ice cream--that would have been worse.  :)

astoriasand said...

Haaaaaa I found this so funny lol!! I slept for you it was wonderful  Zzzzzzzzzz
No chips or snacks for me though I am trying to lose a few pound.I cannot be tempted if I make my mind up LOL!!Take Care God Bless have a great day.Kath

mkolasa101 said...

Sorry you couldn't sleep, know that feeling well but now I keep a Suduko Puzzle book and nice sharpe pencil with an eraser next to my bed, that's working well for the time being.  Yea, that pink stuff is what I would need too if I indulged, but what the heck, if it made you feel better or worked good for you.  Must say I loved this post, very creative.

Blessings to you,

   Marlene - A Poet's Point of View

bowyerlori said...


sunnyside46 said...

yes, the blue computer light has soothed me thru many a sleepless night

cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL..Dawn, I call that sleep eating like sleep walking.  I'm soooo guilty of that.  I need my refrigerator padlocked.  I don't sleep really well anymore.  I also hit my pc at all hours.  HUGS  Chris

toonguykc said...

I do the same thing when I can't sleep --- junk food and computer!


wildautumn1 said...

LOL! Ice cream usually calls to me with whipped cream, bananas & chocolate sauce! Sprinkles if it is yelling!

lurkynat said...

ah! aha! eyebrows up and down!
yeah, it's the yogurt that I love when I'm sleepless...

emabecmar said...

hey, where's mine? I love chips and salsa too, lol. Trying to get caught up in alerts today. I am so behind. Hope you have a great wednesday. (((((((hugs)))))))

plittle said...

  Mmm, chips and salsa. I stopped buying the chips because I can go through an entire bag of chips and half a large jar of salsa in less than thirty minutes.  And that stuff goes straight to your hips, you know. Well, in my case it's straight to my gut...and my double chin...and that's just not good.

gazker said...

Yup, that calls me too, excpt I would have added a beer too!
Gaz ;-)

donejustwrite said...

"previously opened and only secured with a clip" qualifies as "opened." And luring.  And definitely mocking.  "Only secured with a clip" means it can be considered "an attractive nuisance," and therefore, you are oliberated of all responsibility for your actions.  Go in peace and with blessing, my child.