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Book Meme!!!


Recommend 3 books you believe everyone needs to read and say why people should read them.


'Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone' by JK Rowling, because you will be hooked and realize that these books are not just for kids at all.  They are a classic good vs. evil books, the hero and villian, clearly defined.


'102 Minutes', by Dwyer and Flynn, because everyone should have a sense of what it was like to be in those buildings (the Twin Towers) that day.  Maybe we (as a country) would NEVER forget.


'A Brief History of Time', by Stephen Hawking.  Physics for the masses.  The newest edition, newly updated and illustrated, is fabulous.  It is OUR universe, and we should all really want to know how it works, or how we think it works at this point in time.



Name three books you’ve never been able to finish and explain why.


The Bible, because, dang, it's long and there is alot of dry stuff when you get to all those laws and what not.


The Dictionary because dang, it's LONG, but I have read a lot of it, mostly when I was a kid.


That is all I can come up with because this implies that you KEEP trying to read something and can't.  If I start something and don't complete it, it is because I don't like it and don't want to complete it, after I make that decision... it is deleted from the memory banks, so to speak!  LOL 


These are the only two books that I revisit in an attempt to someday complete them.


Name three books you want to read, but haven’t yet.


Oh for heavens sake!  Only 3?  LOL  Hmmmm....


'The Golden Ratio' by Mario Livio, 'The Map That Changed the World' by Simon Winchester, and 'Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday' the prequel to the new movie coming out on July 4th.


I chose these 3 because I have them all and I will be reading them soon!


Are there any books that you’ve loved, but been disappointed by the film/TV adaptation?


Too many to list.  Basically, all of them.  The book is always better.  I have never found the opposite to be true.  Ever.


Which books (apart from the Potter books) do you re-read the most? 


Funny, but the Potter book comment was already in there, not from me!  LOL (and I do reread them a lot!)


I like to reread 'Killer Angels' by Michael Shaara, and the prequel, 'Gods and Generals' and sequel 'The Last Full Measure' by his son, Jeff Shaara. 


The first book, 'Killer Angels' is about the three days at Gettysburg.  The prequel, from the secession to the day before Gettysburg, and the sequel, from the day after until the surrender by Lee. 


Powerful books and powerful subject matter.  The whole war tends to be misunderstood by most... I highly recommned these books, although fiction, they are based in historical fact and the characters are developed through their own personal correspondences.


Which books do you remember most from your childhood?


The Nancy Drew books, Danny the Dinosaur, The Fire Cat, and the biography series for children that my grammar school library held.  I read every one of them available, from about 4th grade through 8th grade, which was my last year.


They were about all the important historical figures in U.S. History from the pilgrims up to and including the 1950's. 


Are there any books that you are proud to say you have read?


All of them. 


Are there any books that you are ashamed to admit reading?


Not really, but I do sometimes read what I call 'fluff'.


Vampire/dragon/witch romance novels.  Regular romance novels are just too mundane.  It has to have some sort of supernatural twist for me, even if it is just fluff. 


(think: Katie MacAlister and Sherrilyn's CyberHome)


There are also lots of books that are good quality fiction in the vampire/witch/supernatural realm as well.  I read them, too!


(think: Jim-Butcher.Com: Home, Kim Harrison, Mariah Stewart )


Are there any books that have had a big emotional impact on you?  List 2.


Many, many books.  The Harry Potter series.  With each book that passes they become more adult, more dark and you are more invested in the characters.  At book 5 some die in the cause, the fight between good and evil.


And, next 'The Oasis Guide to Asperger's Syndrome' by Kirby and Bashe.  See their website here: Asperger Syndrome OASISThe emotional impact was staggering.  Hammer had just been diagnosed, and realizing just how much of his behavior was linked to his issues with sensitivities was mind blowing.


Okie dokie... the Book Meme is done, copy and paste the questions and put in your answers... consider yourself tagged!  Especially the men bloggers... you know who you are... you need to do a meme!  Okay? Okay!


be well,


ps... back on my song title kick... Aretha Rocks!!!

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tenyearnap said...

Okay...I just ordered the Hawking book. And I have always wanted to read the Shaara books but haven't. Should I order those, too? Yes, I think I should, especially since my pile of to-be-read books hasn't outrun the top of my small bedroom bookcase yet.
I loved Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys books when I was a little kid.
This was a good one. I'll have to do it, too. --Cin

eml625 said...

Holy crap you like to read !!!  What an impressive meme !

deshelestraci said...

I love the book meme.  I'll have to try some of the books you read.  I was going to read Killer Angels but I never get around to it.  I need to just do it.

justplainbill said...

>>>'Killer Angels' by Michael Shaara>>>

Recently finished his books. They were great. If you liked his you would probably enjoy a new one I just finished "The Summer of 1787" David O. Stewart. If you are into early American History this is about the writing or as he calls it the "invention", of the Constitution.
No I am not going to do a meme, I read them and find them addictive and i need no more things to occupy my hours on the computer. It has begun to interfer with my golfing.
Have a nice weekend. Bill

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:)


plittle said...

Who can resist a book meme. I'll have to do this one.

toonguykc said...

No fair picking on the men bloggers!  I like the meme, but will probably wait a long time to do this one.  I'm in a mood.  Again.  Oh well.


randlprysock said...

Wow this is really a good one!!  I like your answers.  Hugs,

gazker said...

Me thinks I am the ONLY person in the world who has NEVER read a Harry Potter book!
Gaz ;-)

sunnyside46 said...

I love the Harry books too
also Maeve Benchley, Jodi Piccolet, Marian Keyes, the Tolkein books....I always have a book going

lurkynat said...

funny funny
well Potter is good
there are a truckload of good books out lately