Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Wanna Be Sedated

Love that Maxine!!!  LOL  It is hot and humid here in NJ!  Gotta love the a/c!

Here is the latest installment of the Tuesday Twelve, or I say, you say....

Dancer - I think of Pumpkin Muffin's dance recital which is coming up on Father's Day!  Ugh... Second year in a row that it is on the holiday!  It works out okay, we just go right out to dinner afterwards, but still.

Pulse -  I think of doing a 'pulse' or short course of prednisone.   Such is the life having lupus & Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Intellectual -  Reading, learning, expanding the mind...

Direct -  Steven Spielberg... I guess, I make the leap from direct to 'director' pretty quick!  LOL

Tolerate -  Pain.  I tolerate pain.  I usually push myself as far as I can and then, break down and take 1/2 a vicodin.

Pretend - That I am not annoyed, frustrated and upset with spouse.  Nothing specific or horrible, so don't send me emails or leave comments about abuse... LOL  Just relationship stuff.  Or lack of stuff.  Blech... men...

Post -  Making journal entries, of course!

Instinctive - My feelings of maternal angst in the face of this brain thingy.   

Brink -  Where my sanity lies, of late, on the brink of insanity!  Bwaa ha ha ha!

Regain -  John Milton - 'Paradise Lost' & 'Paradise Regained', the poems and books.

Repulsed - Cockroaches, spiders, centipedes, they 'repulse' me... which is why I will usually dream of them when I am stressed out. 

Distressed - My mom.  She seems so distressed over this brain thingy.  I get it, because I am a mom, and know how I would be if it were one of the kids.  I am just unused to seeing my mom 'off balance'.  

So, now it is your turn!  Copy the twelve words and type the first word, phrase, thought or memory that pops into your head!

And, sometime today our favorite CarnivAOL will be published over at Golf and Other Stuff... so be sure to go check out all the bloggy goodness!

be well,


luddie343 said...

I'll come back to read your entry in a bit, Dawn, I just wanted to see how my fellow New Jersian was taking the heat.  You seem just fine!  Stay kewl!  Luv ya, xoxo CATHY

luddie343 said...

P.S.  "20-20-24 hours ago, I wanna be sedated TOO!!!"  

nana0014 said...

LOL don't we all feel like your heading. I'll try to redo this in my journal when I get a chance. Loved your answers. Sorry I was laughing at Pretend when you said don't send me emails or comments about abuse LOL it's called marriage just that we all go through it. Hope you have a wonderful day and stay cool.
Take care, Chrissie

gazker said...

Heat, what heat? It's bloody freezing here today!
Gaz xx

coelha said...

OOOhh.. Dawn..  I'm sorry about the humity over there in NJ!  You want me to send you some California coast fog?!  Here at work, it's foggy---30 miles away at my house it's a sunny 77 degrees.  I hope my EX is enjoying the humity--I hope he gets a rash..HA HA HA HA..  Sorry.  I hope things get better for you.  You know your mom means well; but I know what that near suffocating feeling of family closeness can do.  Hang in there sweetie!  Julie :)

topazscorpio27 said...

Had to steal these from you.  Hope you like my answers! -Dawn-

jckfrstross said...

have a good week:) we are getting rain and cooler weather this week yea! but pray for warmer weather as graduation is this saturday and niece is graduating and the party is at our house on the lawn. when do you go see the doc for the brain thing?


toonguykc said...

I may try this meme.  I know now how upset my mom was with all of us kids worrying about her when it was clearly her job to worry about US!  Be well and know I'm thinking of you.


randlprysock said...

Love your graphics!!  Great meme.  Hugs,

rdautumnsage said...

Love Maxine! Great answers my fav. was Brink on the Brink of insanity aren't we all LOL! (Hugs) Indigo

tenyearnap said...

Oh yeah, centipedes. What is it about them that is so creepy? All the legs? The speed? Yucky. My son will pick them right up and I have to pretend that I'm not screaming internally :-( Cin