Monday, May 7, 2007

Hey ya!

This is not a surprise it it Cin?



Which God or Goddess are you like?
Your Result: Goddess Bast

You are the Goddess Bast. You are quiet and calm, but when need be, you are firm and fierce. You are full of love, and you always care. People often come to you for advise or guidance, and you willingly give it. Congatulations!! You are Goddess!!

You are your own God or Goddess
Goddess Sekhemet
The Christian God
God Zeus
Which God or Goddess are you like?
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toonguykc said...

I'm Goddess Sehemet.  Dang!  I was going for Satan!!  ;)


eml625 said...

Your Result: Jesus
 That was the wierdest quiz.

astoriasand said...

I tried the quiz thanx found it fun and endes up a budha,the result was me all over.I enjoyed that one for a change.Take Care God Bless.Kath

rdautumnsage said...

You are Sekhemet. You are loving and caring and when you need be fierce and protective. Your fierce nature makes you somewhat like a rebel, but you like it that way. Damn straight LOL! (Hugs) Indigo

tenyearnap said...

I love it. Keith brought back a little Bast cat statue from Egypt.
:-) Cin

lurkynat said...

dear Dawn
ah! So youare the most like JEsus and your own Goddess/
sounds right!

gazker said...

I must do this test!