Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Wanna Be Sedated Redux

Cathy just left me a comment saying...

'20 - 20 -24 hours to go-o, I wanna be sedated'

I just had to pop back on and say, that this was and still is one of my most favorite party songs of the 80's, and it INSTANTLY puts a smile on my face!!!!

I think of dancing way back when with Kathy.... I think of singing it in the car with Hubby and kids... it is just a song with such a 'hook' to it... you can't help but love it!

be well,

UPDATE... thank you RUSS!!!  RAMONES... not Romantics! duh!


gazker said...

Never heard of it! Gaz ;-)

sunnyside46 said...

one of my favorites, too...you gotta shake your head wildly and let your hair fly all around and sing it LOUD!

jckfrstross said...

don't think i have ever heard this song:( have a good week


toonguykc said...

BEST. SONG. EVER!  The Ramones were the most awesome band!


erarein63 said...

I don't think I know this song.  Maybe.  De ;)

plittle said...

"Twenty - twenty - twenty four hours *to* go
I wanna be sedated"

tenyearnap said...