Friday, May 11, 2007

Thank God It's Friday!

TGIF!  Hubby took our kids and 2 spares to see Spidey 3!  My parents went to visit a friend, and I am alone in the house!

My mom took Hammer, Hubby and myself out for a nice lunch earlier today, too!  It is a great Friday for all!

The kids are sooooooo happy to be going to the movie!  Sure, they will eat too much candy and popcorn and drink too much soda, but it is all part of the movie going experience!

Fuzzy got his pneumonia shot yesterday!  (And our pediatrician looks wayyyy nicer than that!)  He was fine for the actual injection, but he reacts to everything like me, so this morning, you would think the boy had his arm amputated!  LOL

He and his buddies have another school fun night, sponsored by our town's drug free program!  They will have ping pong, bingo, bowling and other games for the kids.  They really do a nice job!

Pumpkin had a double ear infection, but is feeling much better after two doses of antibiotics and did make school today.

Libby's vet appointment was good.  She has a growth that needs to be removed, but he did do a biopsy and it was benign so we don't have to rush.  Good thing, as it will cost a HECK of a lot of money to do it.  UGH. 

Me first, then the dog... lol.  Monday is still the neurosurgeon appointment.  The office manager got involved and they have been really great with Hubby and trying to accomodate us and understand the $$ issue.  HSS, the NYC hospital, is even giving the doc's office a hard time.... but they assured us that it will all work out and not to worry. 

Easier said than done, of course. 

Fuzzy has a morning baseballgame tomorrow, yay!  I am looking forward to cheering them on, they are playing so well this year!

Tomorrow night we are going out to dinner with my parents to celebrate Mother's Day.  Sunday we will spend quiet at home, my choice.  The kids and my dad will make me my favorite french toast for breakfast.  Yummy!

Can you believe it is the middle of May already... wow... time flies... fun or no fun!  LOL

be well,

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topazscorpio27 said...

Glad almost everyone in your house is feeling better. Don't knock the Fuzzmiester. Those shots hurt!  As far as the game I'm glad you get to go. I feel so bad.  I'm missing Austin's first t-ball game because I have my final exam in CRJ that day!  Go,Fuzzy's team!! -Dawn-

tenyearnap said...

This month is just flying by. Enjoy your alone time! --Cin

pharmolo said...

Have a nice weekend, Dawn :-)

libragem007 said...

Have a wonderful Mother's day weekend Dawn.
Gem ;-)

sdoscher458 said...

Enjoy Mom's Day you deserve it.  This sunday is my youngest son's birthday..I've always told him he was the nicest Mother's Day present I could have ever gotten. So I've been elected to do some Japanese cooking and teach his girlfriend (who I adore) how to cook too...I love it...hope you have a great Mom's day,

eml625 said...

Enjoy your quiet night !! I love those ! I'm home tonight with just my daughter since my son is in your neck of the woods (NJ!!) for Band competition with hubby.
Enjoy the baseball game, hope the win!!!

justplainbill said...

Happy Mothers Day, you are a great Mom and the kids know it. Bill

klconard1 said...

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your time -- the alone time and the together time!
loving you

jckfrstross said...

have a good weekend:)


toonguykc said...

What did everybody think of Spiderman 3?  NOBODY I know who has seen it liked it.  Have an awesome weekend.


cherry2sweet2eat said...

i want to go to the movies too...

cacklinrosie101 said...

A busy night and weekend ahead for you, Dawn.  Enjoy the quiet.  LOL... my BF is chomping at the bit to see Spidy 3 but will wait for the DVD, thank goodness.  Your Libby is a sweetie.  My Grizzly is one huge ball of anxiety before we even get in the door of the vet's.  They always have to be one step ahead of him and trick him into letting them do stuff.  Glad Libby's growth is benign.  HUGS  Chris

erarein63 said...

Oh cool on having the house to yourself.  I am up right now and everyone else is asleep, so almost as good, lol.  I think I'm going to let Caleb take me to see Spidy 3 on Sunday morning for my Mother's Day present.  I'm sure he will think it's a good idea.   De ;)

lurkynat said...

Happy Mothers Day (belatedley!) it sounds like you had a blast! I'm glad that you and your Mom had a quiet lunch while some fo the group went to Spidey3! did they like it?

gazker said...

Did they like the film, cos I wanna go see it?
Gaz xxx