Monday, June 11, 2007


A finish the sentence meme.... feel free to play along in your journals too!!!!

I AM: woman, hear me roar!

I WANT: to clean the garage/mudroom tomorrow.

I WISH: that school was already out!

I HATE: that my back is hurting, that I have rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, and that when I do something simple like clean and organize that I suffer for it. 

Wow, getting that bitch out made me feel a little better.  lol

I MISS: Kathy living close by.

I FEAR: something happening to my kids, or something happening that keeps me from my kids. 

And also a US coffee embargo.  I would have to be a black market dealer.  So sad really...

I HEAR: Bruce singing 'Badlands' in my head... I actually wore this album out in 8th grade.

I WONDER: if I will need my cane tomorrow, because that would really suck. 

I REGRET: not taking more breaks today while cleaning.  Someday, I will learn... but apparently, not today.

I AM NOT: Super Mom, and it pisses me off, frankly.

I DANCE: whenever I can!

I SING: all the time, in my head, in the car, to my kids, to the pets...

I CRY: pfft, I am a chronically ill, peri-menopausal mom, with an inoperable brain tumor that may or may not grow, in my early 40's...  I cry a lot!  LOL

I AM NOT ALWAYS: as whiney as I have been lately.  Sorry!

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: a lot of gestures when I speak!  It is actually hard to talk without moving my hands.  It's the Italian 1/8 of me, apparently.

I WRITE: when I can, and I hope you all enjoy what I share here.

I CONFUSE: myself and others quite often.  It's a gift.

I NEED: a really good vacation, or at least a weekend alone with Hubby.  Before I stick a fork into his forehead.  I'm just sayin'!

I SHOULD: probably shouldn't have eaten all that ice cream earlier, but it was chocolate brownie, and I cleaned a lot today.

I START: my day with coffee.  Lots and lots of yummy, fresh brewed coffee.  Ahhhh...

I FINISH: my day in bed, reading a bit, and with my sweet, almost 12 year old, all black kitty, lying next to me.

I LOVE: my life.  I have been very blessed.  I have the best parents, kids and hubby!

I REMEMBER: laying on my bed, listening to 'Darkness of the Edge of Town', singing along with the lyrics that were on the inside album protector, and wishing that I was Candy. 

Right, Ellen?

be well,

ps... this is pretty close to how I looked back then... <sigh>  lol


toonguykc said...

I saw a website today that reminded me of've probably seen it


astoriasand said...

Loved this posting especially the Super Mom quote  ROFPMSL  who IS!!! .Have a great day LOL!! Take Care God Bless Kath

randlprysock said...

Do you mean to say it is possible that Folgers could run out of my precious jump start Columbian rich wonderful strong cup of morning... the only thing that really makes me wake up?????!!!!  I never thought it possible... but that is something indeed to fear.  Let's pray hard that this NEVER ever happens... an embargo on coffee?  OMGosh, world peace would be non existent and Americans would have a riot on every street.  I hate to imagine what could happen.  Maybe we should buy a coffee bean tree..... instead of zinnias....
Hmmmm.... I so wanted more zinnias... LOL, seriously though....

gazker said...

Dawn, you ARE super Mum! And WE ALL love ya!
Hugs n kisses and all good stuff...........Gaz xx

eml625 said...

OMG !! You are right !!!!  I was the BIGGEST Bruce fan in the 80's ... I cut my honeymoon short to go see him over in Jersery (my ex-husband)- Oh yes, I wanted to be Rosie, Sandy AND  
Wore out my Born to Run straight through to Born in the USA


sunnyside46 said...

yes, Bruce is the boss... I want to be Patti!

nightmaremom said...

I need that jump start too!  Aaahhhh ::sip:: coffee..

sugarsweet056 said...

hehehe very cute!

deshelestraci said...

I hate that your back hurts!  I'm enjoying your sense of humor this morning and even had to run to the other room because you reminded me that my coffee was in there!  I need it right here!
Ok I thought we had a bunch in common, however, we part company on the whole Bruce thing.  Never have I gotten all of the hype and never have I enjoyed his music.  Ok you can hate me now!  LOL

jckfrstross said...

please be careful today and don't over due it


klconard1 said...

I'll add my bit here lol.

NEVER --- regret ice cream.  It's health food lol!

loving you

coelha said...

Who is Candy?!  I guess we had different albums back then.. :)  Take care..  And YES-- you both need that weekend away my friend.  I was thinking of doing the same with my husband.  Julie :)

gehi6 said...

I do like your memes.  You are good at them.  I just don't have any oomph to do any. I am always recovering from some crisis or other living in a giant insane asylum.  I went to the Circle K and met a friend of Bob's.  We got to talking and he wanted t know if Bob was okay!  When he heard what happened he burst into tears.  This was both good and bad, and the good was that this was a testimony to the goodness of Bob.  So I came home to recover from that a while and its not even about me!  And you can actually make jokes about what is wrong with you.  I do like people who can handle their tough situations with a lot of humor.  It helps a lot.   Gerry  

tenyearnap said...

Another fun meme that I want to try, but don't know if I'll be posting much right now. Juggling here.
School will be out soon so you can all have nothing but play time all summer. Enjoy! --Cin