Friday, June 22, 2007

Stray Cat Strut

More on this cute cat in a bit...

Here is a meme for my adoring fans!  LOL  Well, I am the meme princess and I have been lax in providing them! 

Please feel free to copy and paste into your journal, and let me know so I can come visit!

What were you doing 10 years ago? 

Hmmm, probably sleeping.  Exhausted after a day with my 4 month old baby, 2 year old, and 4 1/2 year old.  Hubby was probably giving Pumpkin Muffin her midnight bottle.

Five naughty snacks you enjoy: 

1.   Potato chips, especially kettle cooked
2.  Pretzels, the kind from the freezer that you do in the microwave
3.   Kettle cooked popcorn
4.   Cheese, any kind really
5.   Ice cream

Five songs you know all the words to:

1.   Time in a Bottle, Jim Croce (my wedding song)
2.   Over the Hills and Far Away, Led Zeppelin 
3.   Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen
4.   Scenes from an Italian Restaurant, Billy Joel
5.   New York New York, Frank Sinatra

...and many more... I tried to choose some unique songs that would surprise people!

Five indulgent things you'd do if money were no object:
(Not Oprah $, so don't go too wild, and it has to be something you would use or be included with, no gifts)

1.    Add a second bathroom for Hubby & I with a jacuzzi for my sore joints (and finish rest of house projects)
2.   Get a second car, so Hubby & I don't have to share (that is a gift for me, so I am not caught without a car - which happens!)
3.   Buy a condo in Wildwood Crest that sleeps at least 12 (so lots offamily can come, too)
4.   Take an extended European vacation, all 7 of us
5.    Have a huge catered party for everyone in my family

Five bad habits:

1.   Snacking at night
2.   Obsessing about being late
3.   Asking Hubby to tell a story and then interrupting with details
4.   I have to have the clicker when watching tv
5.   Not always making my bed

Five things I like doing:

1.   Being a mom
2.   Being a wife
3.   Reading books
4.   Writing in my blog, and writing for my book, and just writing for me
5.   Going out to dinner with Hubby alone every once in a while

Five things I'd never wear again:

1.   Socks with individual toes
2.   Gaucho pants (remember those ladies?)
3.   Platform heels, spike heels, let's just call it 'dangerous footwear'
4.   Madonna mid-80's lacy look (don't ask) 
5.   A bikini, not even if I was that cute and thin!

Five of my favorite toys:

1.   I am on it right now, the computer/lap top!
2.   My Keurig B70 uber coffee machine with the individual k-cups, that feeds me fresh brewed, hot, nectar of the gods whenever I desire it...
3.   My digital camera
4.   My cell phone, which is my emergency camera if I forget the digital
5.   My GameBoy Advanced that I play Tetris and Vegas Games on


Back to the mention of the cat above...

Tina, the feral-ish kitty we adopted when Libby was a year old, has a new habit. 

She likes to sleep in Libby's crate.

And, that is nice when it looks like this...

...but sometimes it looks like THIS:

Oh yes!  The 95lb yellow lab DOG will not go into HER crate and disturb her fickle kitty cat sister! 

Thankfully, as soon as I head into my bedroom, Libby has a very comfy bed and blankie in there to lay on.  (Yes, the pics were from tonight!)

Tina will sometimes join Libby there, but not often because our older cat, Pumpkin, will chase Tina out of the bedroom if she sees her in there.  That is the one place that Pumpkin, being the eldest pet, at almost 12 years of age, will not share with another cat. 

Libby ignored Pumpkin's hissing, and Pumpkin never chased her because she is too afraid, although if she did, Libby would run!  As you can see, she cows to the other cat, no problem!  LOL

Time to hit the sack, we have an early day heading out to the zinc mine!

be well,

ps... here is Pumpkin the elder cat... asleep on the bed, waiting for me!

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coelha said...

Ha ha ha...  Your doggie looks scared of the kitty!  HA HA HA...  He knows his place in the house, huh?  :)  Cute Meme..may do it before I retire for bed.. :)  Julie

lurkynat said...

dear Dawn,
thank you! cute entry and your pets are darling!

toonguykc said...

The pics of Tina and Libby are just begging for captions!!  You need to brainstorm a few and add them to icanhascheezburger!!


eml625 said...

I use to LOVE the socks with individual toes !!!! LOL
Your pets are adorable, really.
Have a great time today, dont overdue it

ksgal3133 said...

lol Caitlin loves socks with individual toes...of course they have made a comeback! lol  
Your cats and dog are too cute :)


deshelestraci said...

great meme!  And the cat ant dog pictures are priceless!  Poor Doggie!  Aren't animals a riot?  
Update:  Still no cats next door.  I just don't get it.

xomywayox said...

LoL How cute with the whole cat-dog thingy. And oh come on you would look so HOT in some come-get-me-pumps!

How you doing Hun?


ktkamanski said...

Those pictures are way to cute! Love them. How sweet of Libby to share such a place of comfort! Hope you have a wonderful time today! Take care,

randlprysock said...

Love the pictures of your babies!!!!!  Great answers too... we like the same snacks...great songs....and hey, I should be invited to the huge catered party for the family, right???? LOL  Hugs,

hadonfield78 said...

I love Kettle Cooked Popcorn...........

cindjinn said...

Libby is such a good dog with those demanding kitties. Retrievers are the sweetest!

Your "bad" habits made me laugh. Ooh, you didn't make your bed? Bad, bad Dawn! Hahaaahaaa. --Cin

sangrialel said...

My dogs give in to my cat also!  I love the pic of your cat in the dogs cage!  Linda

rdautumnsage said...

I love the story about Libby and your cats. Pickles used to do the same thing for my daughters cat Jingles. I actually saw her nudge Jingles once to go on her dog bed, then she turned around and went to sleep in the hall. It was too cute. Later after Jingles had her kittens she would stretch out in the hall to take a break from them, Pickles would be out there too. I wish I had gotten a picture of the two of them before Skye moved out and took Jingles with her. Anyhow Pickles and Jingles used to sleep nose to nose across the hallway. (Hugs) Indigo

wildautumn1 said...

LOL! Poor Libby! Dogs & cats always remind me of men & women. The expression on Libby's face says it all!

sunnyside46 said...

poor doggy
I love the martyred expression

helmswondermom said...

Enjoyed your meme and did one in my journal.

gehi6 said...

That is certainly a black ball of cat.  Nice cat photos.  Your toys except the cell phone are the same as mine!  Gerry  Mine will soon be camcorder, too.