Friday, June 15, 2007

Night Fever

Oh boy... Bill said it all, I really asked for it!!! 

And, you get it!  That was the deal! 

I am only making one minor substitution, and sorry Julie, it was yours!  Our linen closet is also our medicine closet because we just have this huge wall mirror across our bathroom with no medicine cabinet behind it.

So, instead Julie, I substituted my clothes closet!

Not too bad, huh?  I hope you don't mind!  LOL

Next, I will make happy Bill, Tish, and Cin, who all wanted to see Libby, the yellow lab, and to quote Tish 'critters getting in trouble'.

Here is Libby; first being good, and then being dopey.

Next, here are two photos, the first of Pumpkin (almost 12 yrs old), looking disdainfully down from her food perch... at Libby, in the second photo!

And, already, for Sandy we have a piece of the 1970's disco kitchen for you, stay tuned for more!

Here is the laptop in the kitchen, where I often sit to blog and keep a central location to the kids, coffee and animals, for Marti, with a view of the kitchen for Sandi. (kitchen to be redone very soon)

But wait Marti, there's more!  Here is the desktop and our computer cabinet area!

Back to the 70's disco kitchen, yes, Mary, for the provider of LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, and my best friend, the coffee maker!!!

And, Cin, of course, I didn't forget the front of the refrigerator for you!  It almost looks surreal, what with the many multicolored magnets and papers...  Very Dali...

Some additional notes for you all...

Note bottom right of refrigerator pic, the chewed cabinet.  That is why we got the yellow lab first, and will be remodeling the kitchen now that she is done with chewing cabinet corners.

Also, in the coffee maker pic, on the shelf above the maker are 3 demitasse cups, all NYC souvenirs, bought in the lobby of the World Trade Center, on the day we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday there, having dinner at Windows on the World.

Okay... more in next entry... don't worry Dan, you won't be disappointed!

be well,


sdoscher458 said... are fast. I love that you have the computer in the kitchen, I always found that the kitchen is the heart of the house.  Great pictures and love the, SAndi

psychfun said...

Oh man I want a Tootsie Roll now!

toonguykc said...

Love that cat!!  I'm glad there are others out there who don't get all upset about felines walking on kitchen counters.


coelha said...

All of your clothes hangers are facing the same way...  Very impressive.  :)  Julie

randlprysock said...

I love the pictures and I hope our new puppies don't take to chewing the cabinets.  Thanks for the warning.... hugs,

eml625 said...

I LOVE this ! Dont forget me !


emabecmar said...

Awwww your pets are so cute. And I love your 70's kitchen. Hope you have a great weekend. (((((hugs))))))

mztishgray0726 said...

I really liked this.  Talk about fun that was great.  I am thinking that I want to do something like that.  With the house clean and the house unclean.  I'm going to have to go back and see how you did it so that I can copy you.  I hope you don't mind.  Be well Hugs.  

candlejmr said...

I love the pictures!!!!!  


tenyearnap said...

Cool 70s disco kitchen! --Cin

nana0014 said...

Woo Hoo a tour and I almost missed it.
Take care, Chrissie

frankandmary said...

I expected the Coffee Machine to have a velvet rope around it. ;-) ~ Mary

gazker said...

Dawn, next time you show your closet, you need to colour block first dear!
Gaz ;-)

wfhbear said...

WOW!  Libby and I look almost alike except my hair/fur is red.


dizarra said...

Dawn, LOVE, love, love that kitchen! It looks down right retro! LOL your animals
are precious! look at those faces, you just wanna hug & kiss them all! LOL
I do confused, don't know if the undie draw was yours or hubby?
I'm guessing, it's yours-why? cause I think I share the exact brand/colors as
you! LOL Just My Size, maybe? anywho-thanks for sharing with us-always put a smile on my faCE. ~Diane~

sangrialel said...

Love the pics!  Your dog and cat are so cute!  Linda