Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some Like it Hot

Too damn hot!!!! UGH!

Honestly, I think the humidity is near 150%... it is just so disgusting.

I was up at 10 am this morning, barely had time to squeeze in two cups of coffee before getting Pumpkin to her piano lesson! 

Phew... it was tough, but I did it!  (drink the coffee that is... lol)

Then, to the bank.  I have discovered a secret.  At 11:05 am the bank is curiously EMPTY!  Too bad all the seniors seem to come out and play during lunch time with all the workers, or after work with all the workers!

What is up with that??  Do us all a favor... if you are retired, and up at the crack of dawn, like we know you are - GO TO THE BANK ON OFF HOURS. 

I guess this heat has me a bit cranky today!  LOL

After the bank, I went to the market and got some green seedless grapes, red seedless grapes, apples, a bowl of pre-cut mixed fruit salad and lemons.

Yes, I know I could cut up my own honeydew, cantaloupe, kiwi, pineapple and strawberries for a fraction of the cost, BUT it is easier on my hands this way.  And quicker. 

Next, to the gas station for a teensy bit of gas so I could make it to lunch and Borders.

Fuzzy helped me on all my errands and was wonderful company today!  And, he was good muscle too, carrying all the groceries, AND he did it with a smile. 

We ran home grabbed Hammer and ran back to pick up Pumpkin at her piano lesson.  Her teacher, Mrs. G, told me she is memorizing her new Bach piece very quickly and that her recital pieces sounds phenomenal.  Yay!  The recital is tomorrow.

The kids and I at at Burger King, chicken for them, cheeseburger for me.  Free refills with loads of ice, then off we went!

Borders!  Ahhh... the smell of knowledge!  As usual there were many new books out by my favorite authors, and only so much money to go around!  I got one book for myself, 'All Together Dead' by Charlaine Harris, a supernatural mystery.

Fuzzy got Star Wars Miniatures for his collection and role playing game, and a sci-fi war hero saves the world type book called 'Command and Conquer'.

Hammer read a Bionicle book while there and got one to go.  Also, I found 'A Crack in the Edge of the World' by Simon Winchester about the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, in the hard-cover bargain bin for $3, and we had almost ordered it last time we were there for $14 in soft-cover!  Talk about getting a lucky buy!

On the homeschooling front, I got a discounted copy of 'The Handy Biology Answer Book'.  I have others from the series, and never saw this one before, and was happy to add it to our home resources.  The series are titled like this 'The Handy _____ Answer Book'(s) and I highly recommend them.  We have physics, geology, science, physics, history and weather, just to name a few!  I often see them in Barnes & Noble and Borders in the clearance section for about $5!

Pumpkin got two chapter books, 'Joey Loses Control' and 'The Last Holiday Concert'.  Also, a gem of a find in the bargain section, a book of 83 best loved piano classics.  Some are within her grasp, and some she will have to work toward, but she was thrilled with the choices from the masters (so was I), and at $5, how could I not get it?

After we paid for our treasures, we hopped into the thousand degree truck, but we were armed and ready!  Our drinks from BK were still cool!  The ice had mostly melted, but they were still refreshing for all of us!

As soon as we got home, my dad took the boys to the barber for haircuts! 

And, now the shaved rugrats have returned... more later!

be well,


eml625 said...

You got alot done !!! We almost had BK but ended up at Wendy's instead !!
Have a good afternoon.
PS- in answer to your question about the beach I was at, it's a private (town only beach , that's why it was so empty !!!)

coelha said...

Oh great..  After you read that book about the San Francisco earthquake, you'll NEVER want to come to California!!  We have some pretty awesome margaritas down here!  I'm waiting for you and Cin to visit me now..  :)  Julie

jibaro6543 said...

I so LOVE barnes and noble....I could spend hours and hours there just looking and dreaming....I am tired just reading about your day.....I look forward to hearing about the recital....thanks for sharing all the happenings...
p.s. STAY

jckfrstross said...

stay cool:)


tenyearnap said...

Ooh, I just love finding a bargain in the markdown bin. Lucky find! Lex has read the Bionicle books, too. The silly humor is so boy-friendly. I'll have to take a look at those Handy Answer books.
I have finished Gods & Generals and I started The Killer Angels. They are as good as you said they'd be. I have the Stephen Hawking book in my TBR pile. Found it used. I love that.
I think I am going to have to whip up a fruit salad after guitar lessons today.
:-) Cin

klconard1 said...

Bookstores are like a treasure trove!  and the marked down ones are really great to browse and pick up bargains.  We like to visit used book stores too and it's always a thrill to find a favorite out of print book.
loving you

toonguykc said...

hee hee "shaved rugrats"...nice image!


pharmolo said...

It's one thing that it's hot, Dawn, it's another having to run around like you do. Phewww....

tendernoggle said...


ktkamanski said...

I feel the same as you do with this HEAT!!!!! But overall your day sounds as though you had fun! Love Borders, well any book store for that matter! Hope your day has cooled down some! Enjoy you and yours!

nay0114 said...

We had some humidity here too with all the rain going around us. Stay cool and enjoy all those books.
Take care, Chrissie

randlprysock said...

Now this is my kinda day... book store... fresh fruits and veggies and BK and all that fun and piano lessons and empty bank lines.... sounds like heaven!  Hugs,

lurkynat said...

woah Dawn! you go girl!
:):) ope it cools down becasue I do know what you mean! yuck!