Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thankful Thursday

It is a gray, rainy day, the kind that makes you want to sleep in!

However, I got up and did work on the garage/mud room section.  I am taking a break now. 

I learned my lesson.  :-/  LOL

It is Thursday, and thanks to Gretchen, at Living in Savannah 2, it is time to pay homage to the blessings in my life!

1.     Boy Scouts.  I cannot begin to express how happy I am that Hammer 'tried out' and fell in LOVE with Scouts!  It has helped him tremendously with his social skills and with him maturing and coming out of his shell.  I continue to be amazed.

2.     ADC, my graphics/tag group.  There are so many talented taggers in this group, I will not single anyone out for fear of forgetting someone!  You see the results of their greatness, here on my blog!  Some things are also just snagged and shared, and you can see, they have a good eye! 

We also play trivia games, trade songs, and there are newsletters for household hints, and pet tips!   It is really a lot of fun, and I need to thank them all!

3.     My parents.  Mom and Dad take the time to make me feel special, loved, and pampered occasionally, and sometimes, that is the best medicine in the world.  Thank you, I love you!

4.     Karol.  My dear sweet cousin and I had a brief phone conversation on Monday (too brief), but the best part was that she 'GOT IT'.  Instantly.  No explanation needed.  I knew she would, I am sooooooo lucky.  Thank you... I love you so much.

5.     Coffee!  Oh yes, it has moved back up onto the actual list!!!  LOL  It helped me organize and clean on Monday like a bat out of hell, and today, helped me hit the garage area!  Wooohooo!!!  Let me hear ya shout - 'Go Coffee, go coffee, go coffee!'

Okay, so there ya have it.  My Thankful Thursday things. 

Time to get back up off of my arse and do some more!

And, thank YOU all for the wonderful comments on my journal... J-Land helps keep me going!!!

be well,




deshelestraci said...

I'm loving the thankfulness.  Some one who is new to my journal liked it so much she went and started her own list on her's!  

jibaro6543 said...

I like your thankful list.....the coffee one I so
Have a great thursday!!!

tenyearnap said...

"Go coffee, go coffee."
How can you ever be sleepy with all that coffee in you? Oh well, those rainy days will do it despite the caffeine. Take a little nap, Princess. --Cin

coelha said...

It is sunny here in California--but I still didn't want to get out of bed!  Thank God for coffee!  Without my big cup today, I doubt I'd have any energy here at work!  I'm glad you are taking a break...  Take care - Hugs - Julie :)

randlprysock said...

I'm sleepy too like the graphic says...

sunnyside46 said...

Isn't coffe wonderful...a legal buzz!

emabecmar said...

mmmmmmm coffee, had 4 cups today. it's actually cold here in Philadelphia, Pa. Gray skies and breezy and 63 outside. (((((hugs))))))

eml625 said...

I could not survive without coffee. I would really love to get that coffee maker that you have, it sounds so cool
have a great night

gazker said...

Mmmmmmm, coffee....................... We love Dawn, we love Dawn!
Gaz xxx

klconard1 said...

I have been reading but not getting much commenting done as time has been flying by here for me.  Sorry that your other recent entries are bereft of my responses, dear.  I am praying for you, even though I have not been commenting!
loving you

ksgal3133 said...

I'm thankful that you do thankful Thursdays with me :)
Great list and boy scouts is such a great thing. Justin loves it and Matthew did too :)


toonguykc said...

I don't support Boy Scouts as an organization because of their intolerance of gays and atheists, but on an individual basis -- like with your boys -- I think scouts can be immensively positive.  Just wish their leadership would move out of the 19th century.


nana0014 said...

Great list.
Take care, Chrissie

lindaggeorge said...

The scouts can be a great help to boys who lack confidence, or, need to channel their energies more effectively. Simon was in cubs, which he loved but when he moved up to scouts, he wasn't so keen and stopped going. He didn't like the Scoutmaster, few years later we read in the paper he was in court for sexually abusing children in his care in a Special School. How sad, if he had continued I think Simon's teenage years would have been less difficult. Simon insists he was never touched but he was obviously picking up bad vibes from that man.

Linda x.