Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Start Me Up

I guess that certain things don't translate 'across the pond'.

Here is a query from Andy:

Comment from: acoward15
"1. What is Earth Science and Freshman Grammar? Where Freshman required to speak another language?
10. What is a fight song? We did a lot of fighting at school but we didn't sing about it.
12. Is Senior cut day something to do with self harming? Is it an Emo/Goth thing?"

To clear this up, Earth Science was used as a name for the general science course that all freshmen were required to take.  Sophmores could move on to Biology, and then Junior to Chemistry, but they were not required, at that time. 

Grammar, was a specific part of the language arts program, not a separate language.  The rules of 'english' and what not!

The school 'fight song' or just 'school song' is a song about your school or mascot that you sing at sporting events for school pride. 

Senior 'cut' day, is not an emo/goth thing.  It refers to 'cutting class' or 'ditching school', in other words, staying home to goof off with your friends.

I hope that clears it up for my UK readers!  LOL

Today is Wednesday!  The kids only have one more full day of school and then a half day Friday!  Wooohoooo!  Then it is full time summer fun! 

I took a picture of Hammer today outside by himself.  I think I am going to blow it up to put in a frame.  He doesn't get school pictures taken since he is home with me.

Here is the picture:

A handsome young man, although, I am quite biased!  LOL

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coelha said...

Very cute picture..  I would frame it too.. :)  Julie

sangrialel said...

He is very handsome!  Linda

astoriasand said...

Thanx for expaining we live and learn every day Dawn.Lovely picture you have taken there of Hammer.Have a great time whilst school is out.Kids here over the pond do not break up until the end of JULY.Then my lil seaside town becomes a RIOT Haaaaaaaa.Everybody and there Aunts and Uncles Grandmas and Grandad you name it arrive for the beach.Haaaaaaa.I then go into hiding Haaaaaa.
Too crowded for me.Take Care God Bless Kath

sunnyside46 said...

He has the sweetest smile

rdautumnsage said...

Hammer most certainly is a handsome young man! I liked this pict. , solemn and thoughtful. (Hugs) Indigo

helmswondermom said...

I can't even remember my school's fight song!  

dwhee70041 said...

Andy should visit Boulder.  I think most of the residents learned their language from Mork & Mindy.  I've lived here for years and still don't understand half of what is said.

tendernoggle said...

Hammer is a cutie pie!!! Lord, you will have your hands full in a few years with girls !!!lol

randlprysock said...

Great translations and nice picture!

deshelestraci said...

That made me laugh!  You don't think about how things sound to someone from another culture!
Great picture of your son!

eml625 said...

I dont remember having any fight song ! You remember everything ! LOL.
What a handsome young man you have there !

pharmolo said...

Some things don't translate across the pond in the opposite direction either, Dawn. Have a nice evening.

ksgal3133 said...

aww what a great picture of Hammer!


stillh20z said...

What a good lookin' boy!!


tenyearnap said...

A handsome young man, indeed. What is that hanging out of his ear? Is it a long earring or is there a tree or something growing behind him? --Cin

jckfrstross said...

what a handsome young man:) Dawn you know you can go and get his picture taken at school right? Just a thought


gehi6 said...

Oh there is the young man.  I read sometime back that you thought there should be more books written by the moms of kids with Hammer's condition.  I agree. I  have also thought about other limitations that cause a lot of problems for the person that seemed to be connected to how the brain sees things.  That seems to run in our family.  I thought my mom was inflicted with it as well as my sister.  It was like there was great difficulty in grasping people behavior the same way other people do.  My mom could fix anything that was mechanical, but it was like people were too complicated for her, and she never grasped them.  She would say totally inappropriate things to them.  When she tried to explain them she would get them all wrong, that is, if she ever did focus on them enough to think about them.  I don' know much about Asberger's but I think a book by someone who had homeschooled as you have done would be very valuable.  Gerry  

toonguykc said...

The photo of Hammer reminds me of a young Edward Norton -- an actor I've always thought to be handsome.  Or maybe Noah Wylie.  All your kids are goodlooking.  And smart.  You did a good job.


acoward15 said...

We cut class whenever we felt like it. We didn't need a special day for it. You've still lost me on the song thing. What is school pride?