Friday, June 15, 2007

Jungle Love

As soon as I saw this Father's Day tag, I thought of Hubby and the kids!  Even though they are all over one hundred pounds, they still jump and climb on him just like when they were little. 

This tag shows the character's from Disney's Jungle Book, in case you are not familar! 

And, Hubby and Baloo the bear have a lot in common personality wise!  'Just the Bear Necessities...', I hear him singing it now!  LOL

I am more like Baghira the black panther, the more serious, worried one... for those of you who are familiar with the movie!  I think most mom's are that way!  lol

Pumpkin is home today because she twisted/bruised her knee yesterday, and it hurt a lot this morning.  She was also worried about the stairs at school, and wants to rest it for her dance recital. 

After all the hard work (and money) all year long, I want to see her rest it for the dance recital, too.  So, she has it propped up on the couch, resting the knee and watching tv.

Tonight, they are having a 12 year old only baseball game under the lights at the brand new field.  The 12 year olds move up to the 90 foot field next year, and their are no night games, so this gives them an 'All Star' moment together, one last hurrah.  All the kids from all 5 teams will be split into two squads for the scrimmage.

It should be fun!  Hubby was given the honor to coach one of the teams, since our team was in the championship!  I think it would be more of an honor to let the two champion coaches just watch for a night, but hey, that's just me!  LOL

We just got an email that they are having free popcorn and a jumpy thing for the little kids, too.  Also, some drinks and snacks for sale, which they don't usually have at this park, so that is nice.

Tomorrow, is the all afternoon dress rehearsal for Pumpkin's recital, and then Sunday, the actual recital.  Both are long days...

Kathy is coming up to help Pumpkin with her costume changes, thank goodness, again!!!  She is the best... really.  This year she has to change her hair a lot, too.  Not easy. 

My back aches just thinking about it! 

Speaking of my back, it is almost back to normal.  I really got so much done this week.  I am happy!

be well,

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psychfun said...

Hope she feels better soon. That sounds like so much fun! Take pictures!

tenyearnap said...

You really worked your butt off this weekend...good for you! It does feel good to get something accomplished around the house.
Free popcorn and a Jumpy Thing...sounds like a good time to me! --Cin

tenyearnap said...

I forgot: Is that "Jungle Love" by Steve Miller or The Time?
;-) Cin

sunnyside46 said...

one consolation about my kids getting older is I no longer have to go to dance recitals!
I once had to do a quick change between numbers which involved getting Mariah out of a tutu and into a catsuit with her arm in a cast!
I hope Pumpkin's knee is all better.
Have fun at the game.

sangrialel said...

I hope your daughter is doing ok!  Poor thing, I hate when anything on my legs  hurt.  Makes your whole body feel awful.  Linda

lyndacalhun87 said...

Hey girl I'm back and trying to get to my old favorites!  Glad to see you are still around!  

sugarsweet056 said...

Hope you have a grand weekend. :)

cherry2sweet2eat said...

i dont kno what to get my dad for fathers day.

eml625 said...

I hope Pumpkin's knee is better before her recital.
Good luck on Sunday , I know how much work goes into that, my neice dances.
big hugs,

toonguykc said...

I'm surprised you didn't use "Jungle Boogie" (by Kool & the Gang??) as your song since you've been on a real 80's kick lately.  Oh well --at least it wasn't G&R's "Welcome to the Jungle"!  Have a fun weekend.


jckfrstross said...

enjoy your weekend:)


ksgal3133 said...

I hope that Pumpkins knee gets better!
Love that tag :)


shadierush said...

Saying a prayer for pumkin's knee. Sounds like your feeling pretty good too!

nana0014 said...

Hope she gets better soon dance recital is a big deal something you work all year for. Good luck.
Take care, Chrissie

gazker said...

I hope your back get's better soon, Ok, I know it's Fathers day, but you need to rest too!
Hugs, Gaz xxxxx