Friday, June 22, 2007

A Beautiful Day

Yay!  It's here!!! 

For those who asked, here in the Northeast, school starts usually the Wednesday after Labor Day in September, and continues through until mid June.  The actual ending date depends on your district, how many days you get off for winter break, snow days, etc.

Fuzzy had his awards ceremony this morning.  As I mentioned, Pumpkin's was yesterday.  Here are pictures:

First is Pumpkin, in the flowered skirt getting her Academic Achievment Award, for final averages 90% and above.  She also received 3rd place in the chess club junior division, and a certificate for participation in choir.

Next is Fuzzy receiving his academic award.

The pictures are blurry-ish.  Sorry.  Fuzzy is the one in the grey Rutgers shirt.  To the far right is his good buddy, Russ, wearing Borat.  @@

School was a half day, ending at 12:30pm.  Fuzzy and a friend headed to our town center, we townies call it 'uptown', to have pizza and hang out for a bit.  He and his buddy should be arriving back here very soon.

Pumpkin came home, changed quickly into her bathing suit, and headed out to her best friend Siobhan's house for the annual End of Year Pool Party!  Yay!

Hubby was home yesterday afternoon for Pumpkins ceremony and this morning for Fuzzy's, so he had to go run and visit a construction site this afternoon.

Exciting doings, I got my hair cut today!  Yay!  It is the same length just with some layers and better shaping.  I needed it.  It feels great!

On an annoying note, I have been increasingly having more and more problems with my eyes getting dry and my contact lenses.  That goes hand in hand with the RA/Lupus/Sjogren's Syndrome.  Ugh.  I have to mention that to the eye doc at my next check up in August. 

So, I am wearing my glasses for a while until the redness goes away and I can switch back to my contacts again. 

Tomorrow, we have a scout family trip to a mine in western NJ.  I decided to go because there is not that much walking.  I like exploring and learning, so this should be fun!

be well,


acoward15 said...

They can't seriously be intending to release all those kids onto the streets!

sugarsweet056 said...

Congrats to the 2 who won awards! WOO HOO!
I love getting my hr cut, always makes me feel good!
I could NEVER wear contacts!
Have fun on the trip. {{ }}

astoriasand said...

Lovely pictures and children to be proud of.Sounds you are all going to have such fun during the school break.Sorry to hear your eyes are sore.Hope you soon get them sorted out.Eyesight is precious.Take Care Have a great weekend.Kath

ktkamanski said...

What a wonderful way to start a summer vacation!!! - Hope your eyes find some comfort soon! Sounds as though you have a full weekend planned! Enjoy and thank you for sharing!

deshelestraci said...

Hip hip hooray for the last day of school!  Your kids sound like they got to celebrate it well!
Hope your eyes get better soon!

stillh20z said...

They're such cuties!  I remember thinking that the first day of school, and the last were just the most exciting things that ever happened! LOL Glad you're going scouting. Good to get out. Hammer's going, right?


eml625 said...

It was our last day too !!! Woohoo....great pictures of the kids.
Enjoy the trip tomorrow and welcome to summer vacation in the Tri State AREA !!!!

(((((HUGS )))))))))

coelha said...

I love it when the kids are out of school!  YIPPPEE!!!  Congrats to your kids for their awards!  They must be thrilled---one of the happiest days of the year for them, huh?  :)  Julie  

helmswondermom said...

I'm so glad school's out for them now.  Yay!  Very good pictures, and congratulations to both of them.

lurkynat said...

Ah! Congratulations with Fuzzy and Pumpkins' awards! please congratulate them for me as well!

toonguykc said...

I can't believe kids get such a short Summer break these days!  We were always done by the last week of May when I was a kid---approximately one thousand years ago.  ;)


ksgal3133 said...

Congrats to them on their awards :)
Have a great weekend!


jibaro6543 said...

WOW...I forgot how late school lets out up north...we have been out for just about 5 weeks already...
CONGRATS to your kids for the awesome awards they received....I am sure you are ONE PROUD MAMA...
Enjoy the zinc mines...that sounds really interesting!!
Take Care

cindjinn said...

Nothing like a haircut to make you feel like a new woman, eh? Glad tha kids are out for the summer. Have a wonderful trip to the mine. Sounds like lots of fun. --Cin

sangrialel said...

YEAH!!! School is out for you now as well!  Enjoy! Linda

rdautumnsage said...

I just got mine cut this past Thurs as well. I keep it short so it's a monthly ritual with me. Congrats on the awards ceremony for Pumpkin and Fuzzy. I literally hate wearing my glasses, it doesn't matter that I have an awesome pair of small frames that look good on me.......I would rather have my contacts in any day lol! Enjoy yourself on the scout trip hon! (Hugs) Indigo

sunnyside46 said...

I want to see a pic of you in your new 'do