Sunday, June 3, 2007

Keep Me Hangin' On

What does one do when faced with going to the Skull Base Tumor expert Uber-neurosurgeon on Tuesday?

Well, I am not sure what 'normal' people do, but I do research!

Here is a picture of the interior of the skull base, what the brain actually rests upon. 

Brain removed for good interior viewing.

Now, here is a picture that I can use to show you exactly where my 'Thingy' is growing.

Okay, see the round red area that says 'Jugular Foramen'?  Good.  Now, right above that and behind that arrow there, is a roundish dark area before the whitish area. 

THAT is where my tumor is hanging out.  Half attached to bone, half not.  It is the petros apex, just above the carotid (jugular) canal. 

Okay... class dismissed....

for now....

be well,


sugarsweet056 said...

Good luck! Got you in my prayers. :)

nightmaremom said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.  Good luck and keep us posted...
rest before you go and try not to think so much :)

cherry2sweet2eat said...

oh man thanks for showing me now i understand.

tendernoggle said... are just like me...I willlook it up and see for myself!!! God bless and take care of you,
love ya,

toonguykc said...

I can't tell if it's good to know more or know nothing in situations like this.  My body doctor used to tell me to avoid the internet for researching stuff -- but my shrink was all for it.  I just don't know what I'd do in your situation.  I'll be thinking of you non-stop this week.


coelha said...

Oh Dawn..  I wish I could tell you something to ease all your worries..  I'd would be doing the same thing if I were in your shoes!   Keep positive..everything is going to be okay; believe it!  Hugs - Julie

jckfrstross said...

keeping you in prayer


eml625 said...

Wow. Amazing pictures.
Good Luck tomorrow.


thebaabee said...

I've been lax with the comments.  I'm sorry.  Good luck tomorrow.  I am praying for you dear friend.  Hugs, Lu

cacklinrosie101 said...

I also research everything the family is diagnosed with on the net.  Dawn, those brain and skull pictures are mind blowing.  Amazing, though, what modern surgery can take care of.  You have so many prayers being sent your way.  God will take care of you.  HUGS  Chris

deshelestraci said...

Bless you Dawn!  Praying for excellent outcome!

layla44808 said...

Hi Dawn,
I'm new to j-land..Love to read your entries..I am always amazed by people that are met with major struggles in life and still have a wonderful view of the world. I enjoy hearing someone be as positive and happy as you.
My almost 21 year old son was diagnosed with A.S. when he was 19, they had always thought it was a.d.d. until then..
I wish you all the best....thoughts and Prayers are with you.

dpoem said...

Well, now that I know what the heck you've been talking about, I think I could take care of that in my garage.  So, spin on over and bring beer.  I've got Band Aids.  

Oh, and bring that picture.  That would help me out a lot, ya know.  :)

I'll be thinking of you, and I do hope all goes well and wonderful.  


sunnyside46 said...

So tomorrow is the are ya holding up?
If you need to talk, you know where I am, right on the other side of the screen

tenyearnap said...

Ooh pictures! Tell Uber-surgeon that you have a blog and need pictures of YOUR brain. Here's mine:

Thinking of you...keep us posted,

vagabondevermore said...

Cool pics. I now have a poster of different views of the brain on my bedroom wall. For two reasons - 1) I also a a tumor on the pineal gland, which is not shown on the pictures your provided. 2) The study of psychology requires a great deal of knowledge of the brain and its' functions.

If you dissected my head in four equal parts, you would cut my tumor into four equal parts. The brain is an amazing thing.

I am located in NC with Duke and Wake Forrest Medical Center and not one doctor wants to touch me. But the type tumor I have is slowing-growing and is usually malignant.

I would like to know more about yours. We can compare notes.

Take care. I hope you get some good news.


gazker said...

How £$%^&*" rude of me, I went away and promised I would write when I came back and thought of you everyday while on holiday. I come back and get so wrapped up in my own little world I never wrote and never picked up on you talking about your 'thingy'
I pray and hope everything goes ok with your Uber-neurosurgeon on Tuesday.
Big hugs, Gzz xxxx

ksgal3133 said...

Thinking of you and continuing to send you prayers and hugs!


sangrialel said...

this looks to much like my anatomy class!  Linda

klconard1 said...

Tuesday is here and I am praying the Uber-neurosurgeon will be more than adequate to the job as well as being a nice person to be around.  I am praying his team is skilled and also good to be around.  I am praying nothing will go wrong for you and that you will soon be able to look back on the surgery as done and feel better.
loving you

lindaggeorge said...

I hope they can soon get you sorted. I'm preoccupied with the other end of my anatomy at present. What my daughter calls Bum Plums. :-(


lurkynat said...

love you Sweetie!
I hope that dang tumor knows what's good for it and clears out before we have to go get aggresive!(okok just tlaking silly you know).
Dawn you relaly do shoot? that's amazing!